shippingtime within germany
The details of the shipping time refers to a payment by Paypal on the day of purchase and our processing time and the shipping time specified by the shipping service for international shipments. In case of a later payment, for example, with the payment option "payment in advance" (bank transfer), the delivery date shall be extended accordingly. The actual delivery time may in individual cases, particularly at peak times vary.

If you choose payment option for payment with bank transfer, then the specified delivery time according to the bank processing time may be extended up to 3 business days. Sorry, we have no influence for the bank processing time.

Information to calculate the delivery date
Falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday delivery officially recognized the last day of delivery, it shall the next working day at the place of such a day. Is or are the delivery period one or more holidays, so shifts according to the number of public holidays, the last delivery date by the corresponding number of these holidays.

shippingtime outside germany
The details of the delivery times in the item description is only valid for deliveries within Germany. Delivery times to other countries and information on the calculation of the delivery date you can see here. All delivery times of DHL from June 2014:



Additional maximum delivery time in days

Belgien  parcel 4, packet 2
Bulgarien parcel 12, packet 9
Dänemark parcel 6, packet 2
Estland parcel 9, packet 9
Finnland parcel 14, packet 6
Frankreich parcel 6, packet 3
Griechenland parcel 12, packet 10
Italien parcel 8, packet 3
Irland parcel 11, packet 8
Kroatien parcel 9, packet 8
Lettland parcel 12, packet 12
Litauen parcel 11, packet 11
Luxemburg    parcel 6, packet 3
Malta    parcel 9, packet 9
Niederlande parcel 6, packet 3
Österreich parcel 5, packet 2
Polen    parcel 5, packet 3
Portugal parcel 9, packet 9
Rumänien parcel 14, packet 8
Schweden parcel 8, packet 4
Slowenien parcel 5, packet 4
Slowakei parcel 5, packet 4
Spanien parcel 7, packet 7
Tschechien    parcel 5, packet 3
Ungarn parcel 8, packet 5
Vereinigtes Königreich parcel 6, packet 3
Zypern parcel 10, packet 8
United Staates parcel 15, packet 12




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